How to generate the files needed for APC application

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Four files required to be downloaded into MERIT site:

  1. I.C. picture (both sites)
  2. University scroll
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. Professional Indemnity insurance document (mostly issued online in ready PDF format)


Do as follows:

  1. Take a photograph of your I.C. using mobile phone camera or digital camera. Repeat for the reverse side.There will be two JPEG files.
  2. Download these two JPEG files into laptop or desktop computer and open it. Right click on the picture, click copy
  3. Open Microsoft word file
  4. Paste picture onto Microsoft word file. Repeat for the reverse I.C.picture. Now click on the picture, a frame will appear on border of the picture. Move cursor to the edge where a double headed arrow appear and adjust the size of image so as two images fit into one page.
  5. Name and save this word file
  6. Go to Google and key in “convert word file to PDF”, click and choose free online site, upload word file onto this site, word file will be converted to PDF file and click download. The I.C. file will be ready for APC application.
  7. Repeat for scroll and passport size photograph. Large scroll script can be accommodated with this method. These files mostly be less than 2MB size.
  8. Save all these files for use in the following years


All paperless and no cost, so happy computing.


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