Basic Life Support

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1.Quick Assessment
2.Call for help
3.Clear airway to aid Breathing
4.Call for ambulance
5.Begin chest Compressions
6.Breath and chest compressions

When faced with a patient who is brought in collapsed

1.Make a quick assessment, call the patient and try to arouse patient, to wake patient to breath. Take 30secs
2.Call for help from passer-bys or own staff. Set in motion the steps outlined in the “Clinical Manual on Standard Operating Procedure, take 30secs
3.Clear airway, take 30 secs
4.Call for ambulance, take 30secs
5.Begin chest compressions, 30 compressions per minute for 2 mins
6.Begin 30 chest compressions with 2 breathes ( mouth to mouth ), for the remainder time till 30 mins, or till patient breaths on own, or till ambulance arrives, or till situation is hopeless, and situation can be communicated to relatives or next of kin.
7.If you have to abandon resuscitation ( after ½ hr of BLS, No BP, No PR, No spontaneous respiration, pupils fixed and dilated ), do with utmost tact. It is a very emotional situation. A lot of tact and patience now will lessen the stress and complaints later.