About Us

Dr Ho Shu Nam


I am happy to pen this message for the revamped website of the Private Medical Practitioners’ Association of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

We, as doctors, have to keep up with the changes in our practice of Medicine. Likewise we, at PMPASKL, have to use better modalities to interact and communicate with our members.

The PMPASKL Executive Committee has worked tirelessly to relaunch a refreshing and upbeat website to reach out to you all; young and old, IT savvy and dinosaurs.

The recent events such as the MMC APC renewal hiccups and the delayed ‘’missed out’’ vaccination of GPs and clinic nurses have highlighted the need for such tools as a better website and the usage of social media messaging like Telegram and Whatsapps.

With these we hope we can together, unite the GPs and specialists in the private practice, cooperate with like-minded bodies to advance our interest, better ourselves and forge a brighter and more fulfilling future for us all.

Uniting Private Medical Professionals

PMPASKL was established in 1961 by Tan Sri Dr. Tan Chee Khoon, with the aim to unite all private medical professionals in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Our vision is to become a platform for private practitioners to voice common complaints, connect with one another and to lobby for positive changes in
the healthcare industry.

As a platform, we aim to :

Build camaraderie among fellow doctors through our events

Provide an avenue to facilitate network building

Provide continuous education on healthcare and non-healthcare subjects

Become the voice or a lobby on issues concerning the profession

Introduction To Our Committee

Standing from left:

  1. Dr Gurcharan Singh Sidhu
  2. Dr Shanmuganathan Ganesan
  3. Dr K Skanthadevan
  4. Dr Jaswant Singh
  5. Dr Chang Chee Seong
  6. Dr Goh Yi Xiong
  7. Dr Wendy Tan

Sitting from left:

  1. Dato’ Dr Ho Teik Kok
  2. Dr Kong Chiew Meng
  3. Ms Molly Kong
  4. Dr Chow Kim Weng (Steven)
  5. Dr Ong Chun Chiang
  6. Dr Pearl Leong Yuet Mae
  7. Dr Milton Lum
  8. Dr Ho Shu Nam